Neblus is a curious walker that every year ambles through the terroirs and hills of Nimbus Estate scouting for the best grapes.


Nimbus are the morning clouds that shroud our vineyard, protecting it from sun and frost damage.


We are always looking for moments to break our daily routine, do something different and connect ourselves with what we enjoy the most.

The winery of the valley

VIÑA CASABLANCA bears the name of its home valley, where it was a pioneer winegrower and where it is one of the few wineries with facilities in the same valley, which allows it to harvest and vinify its grapes just a few kilometers away and ensure the best quality of honest wines that embody the greatest expression of the terroir, the climate, and the passion of its people.

VIÑA CASABLANCA is strongly committed to its home valley, the only one featured among the Great Wine Capitals, which is why we are “THE WINERY OF THE VALLEY.”


Learn about the best wines in the Valley

Pinot del Cerro





#56 Óscar Bonilla, Casablanca, Chile.

The Casablanca Valley is Santiago’s gateway to the sea. The valley is located between the Coastal Range and the Pacific Ocean, 80 kilometers from Chile’s capital –Santiago– and just 20 kilometers in a straight line from Valparaíso, the country’s premier port city.

Mapa del Valle de Casablanca

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